Legal Talks: “Comprehending the New Indonesian Copyright Law”

Legal Talks was held on September 26th, 2014 at the office of Panji Prasetyo & Partners with the theme “Comprehending the New Indonesian Copyright Law”. The speaker for the Legal Talks is Head of Legal Advice and Copyright Litigation of Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Mr. Agung Damar Sasongko, S.H., M.H,. Mr. Panji Prasetyo acted as moderator.

The Legal Talks discussed the following matters:

  1. Longer protection period given for the copyrighted materials;
  2. Better protection towards economic right of inventors and/or owner of the copyrighted materials;
  3. Establishment of Collective Management Institution purported to collect royalty;
  4. The use of copyright as collateral;
  5. Ministry’s authority to erase the Copyright; and
  6. The new copyright dispute resolution mechanism.

The participant (approximately 30 persons) of the Legal talks comes from variety of sector including:

  • Prikasih Hospital
  • RDA
  • Indonesian Central Bank
  • PT Radionet Cipta Karya (holding company of Prambors, Female, dan Delta fm)
  • Telkomsel
  • MMIK Law Office
  • EG Prod. (Erwin Gutawa)
  • PT HM Sampoerna tbk.
  • S&D
  • H.T Records
  • VGW
  • Once Management

The talks went very well with high enthusiasm from the participants especially about the details of protection from the new law, the use of copyright as collateral, and the mechanism of royalty collection by the Collective management.