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Panji Prasetyo & Partners focuses on providing businesses with commercial, corporate and transactional legal advice. We work closely with the clients to develop effective, cost-efficient solutions to their problems. Thus, as an important resource for ideas, advice and action for clients, the firm offers expertise in the following areas:

Antitrust and International Trade
We advise and assist national and international clients in their conduct of international trade. The issues we handle include anti competitive practices, governmental procurement, product liability, and WTO related matters, both on national and international levels.
Our experiences in representing clients in facing arbitration tribunals are very extensive. With our clean victory record until this date, we have represented various clients in dealing with many high profile cases. When necessary, we can also represent them in court shall the matter extend to that.
Banking and Finance
In the area of banking and finance, we have advised many clients ranging from banks, financial institutions to corporations. Our expertise includes advising, negotiating, and representing client in civil cases and arbitration proceedings which arisen from various financing activities including general bank loan agreements, finance in project, property, acquisition, asset, and others.
Corporate and Commercial Litigation
Our lawyers are highly experienced in resolving commercial disputes before the court. We have advised, assisted, and represented numerous clients including high profile individuals and corporations before all levels and stages of the Indonesian court proceeding and have a very good track record.
Coruption Defence

  • PT Surya Artha Chanya; Providing legal assistance and advice to Managing Director and Director of PT Surya Artha Chanya as witnesses in relation to the allegation of money laundering at the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).
  • Siam Cement Group; Providing legal services to the Managing Director and number of employees of PT SCG Pipe & Precast Indonesia as witnesses at the District Attorney’s Office of Banjarmasin in relation to the allegation of corruption.
  • Landor Associates; Assisting employee of Landor Associates as witness related to the allegation of corruption at the District Attorney’s Office of Banjarmasin.
  • Indoguna Utama; Assisting the Board of Directors of PT Indoguna Utama related to the corruption case of beef import’s quota at the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).
  • PT Bank Negara Indonesia – Former President Director & Former Board of Directors; Providing a legal opinion on the allegation of corruption related to the purchasing of credit asset on behalf of PT Badja Garuda Industries at the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency (BPPN).
  • Burhanuddin Abdullah (former Governor of Indonesian Central Bank); Assisting Burhanuddin Abdullah in the allegation of corruption at the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).
  • PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom); Assisting the former Director and General Manager of PT Telkom in the allegation of corruption at the Police Resort of West Java.
  • Indover Bank NV; Assisting the Board of Commissioners in the allegation of corruption at the Attorney’s General Office.
Criminal Litigation
We have excellent lawyers with special expertise in assisting and advising clients –summoned as either witness or defendants—through all stages of criminal investigations. If it becomes necessary, we can also represent the client before any level of court. Our criminal litigators have dealt with various cases ranging from general criminal laws, domestic violence, to corruption cases, where we have represented many high profile clients.
Employment and Industrial Relations
We have advised and assisted numerous clients in all areas of employment law, including: drafting employment agreements, pension arrangements, social security, and in all level of industrial relations dispute up to representing clients before the court of industrial relations.
Energy, Natural Resources and Infrastructure
Our lawyers have extensive experience in handling dispute resolution cases in energy and natural resources field. We have advised and assisted our clients in various level of court institutions, arbitration proceedings as well as police departments in many areas in Indonesia in relation to the cases which involve high profile mining contractors, oil and gas contractors and consultant company related to the mining business. We are also experienced in assisting clients to obtain related licenses and permits from the relevant government institutions and/or departments.
On infrastructure, other than our dispute resolution experiences, we are also experienced in providing legal services to several Indonesian state-owned companies, foreign state-owned companies as well as private companies in the negotiation and transaction process using the scheme of cooperation also Public Private Partnerships.
General Corporate Advisory Work
In the area of corporate work, we advise numerous private, domestic, and international companies in various sectors i.e. energy and natural resources, telecommunication, infrastructure, banking and finance. Our services include all aspects of transaction from providing legal opinion on the planned transactions, creating the scheme of transactions and drafting any related agreements to the transactions. Other than investment and purchase transactions, we are also experienced in advising transactions in mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs and consolidations.
Intellectual Property Rights
We advise and assist clients in the field of intellectual property law. Our service in this area includes registration, protection, and also enforcement of patents, trademarks, copyrights, geographical indication, industrial designs, and franchising arrangement throughout Indonesia. For that purpose, we have already established an intellectual property management service, namely P+P Consulting. For further information regarding P+P Consulting, please visit
We are experienced in representing and assisting numerous clients in various areas of telecommunication-related businesses in their civil cases in the courts and arbitration proceedings. We also provide legal services to the clients in obtaining business licenses in relation to the telecommunication sector from the relevant governmental departments and institutions.